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A State of Health

Day 225  August 13
In The Year of Living Honestly
In The Quarter of: Application
In The Month of: States of Being United

Image of the labyrinth at the Avera Cancer Institute of Sioux Falls SD

The Labyrinth at the Avera Cancer Institute in Sioux Falls, SD. Photo Credits: The Labyrinth Company

Of the many reasons we walk a labyrinth, one that we don’t often consider, is the walk of well being for our body, mind and soul. Stress is one of the major causes and inhibitors of wellness alone. When we walk to unwind our mind, stress is typically the factor that wound it up in the first place. A simple walk does much to ease the body to return to a natural flow of health and vibrancy.

When our body or mind has moved beyond stress into illness, the labyrinth can be a great asset in the way it benefits our physical well being, yet also provide a relaxation and calmness to the emotional overwhelm that illness stirs in both patient and family/caregivers. We can find labyrinths in a variety of preventative retreat centers, meditation spas and wellness centers, though we can also find them in hospitals and medical centers where patients, family and even staff walk them for a variety of reasons including ,stress relief, hope, endurance, and prayer.

Uniting wellness in the body, mind and soul is the objective in many Cancer clinics, hospitals and care centers and this labyrinth at the Avera Cancer Institute is placed in a healing garden outdoors to allow for the location to add to the benefit of walking. Located in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, Avera is only one of many medical providers that utilize the labyrinth for uniting and inviting a greater sense of health in every individual. Uniting us with our natural rhythm of health is a great state to focus upon!


Daily Insights : On this 225th day…
Invite a health consciousness into your walk today and notice the steps in your walk and how they serve you in providing a better sense of health and well being, or walk in a way that appreciates your well being and that of those you care for.

Building Paths of United Insights
US Interactive Map Progress

Based on what is sent in this month, we will track our travel process across the United States to create a labyrinth or a maze? Help us to direct our focus with unique labyrinths, locations and information each day that will diagram a path that unites us. Link to our United Path for August


States of United August Focus Banner Image
Opportunities for August

As we traveled the globe in search of exploration and returned with an abundance of realizing the consecutive connectives of the world in June and July, we touched the mere surface of our planet through the eyes of the labyrinth.  In the month of August, we continue the explorative nature looking for what insight brings us to unite. It can be a  discovery of the united purpose that we connect with others, or in the way we bring who we are with what we can and want to do.  What August brings is a focus of how the labyrinth brings state of being united, within ourselves within the United States. Send along the labyrinths, programs, art, and offerings within the United States that you feel best represents this for daily postings. 

  1. What Unites
    Reach out and share the unique labyrinths in this month within the United States that serve to unite. We look for the unique design, interesting purpose, connected message, in the labyrinth or in the ways we share with others in message or program, art, design and education applied. Share your ideas, programs, purpose images and experiences at the 365 Experience on the TLS website providing some detail of why you design, share, create, build or simply walk, who benefits and how it helps us unite. Personal insight or National perspectives are welcome.
  2. What brings Insight
    As we take each day of the 31 available in August exploring what brings us insight with our selves or as a nation through the paths of the Labyrinth.  This quarter focuses on the ways we apply the insight we gain and as we are united with our own insights, may we use them as well in a way that unites us personally and also purposefully with others as a nation united.
  3. Join the online  Mid Month Dialogues Call on Friday August 15th at NOON PST
    Be curious, research and share what you know of unique United States labyrinths, the people, the programs, the designs, the resources or simply the desires in the first half of the month and apply something that you find unique to your own life walk. Join us on the Mid Month Dialogues to share what you discovered, ask questions and hear from others about what they explored and discovered. Be inspired with a greater appreciation of what unites us with more impactful insight that brings our labyrinth connection in line with greater perspective in our year of living honestly.   Call connection Information
  4.  Share your Ideas, images, designs and add to the wisdom of the Labyrinth Society
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99 Bottles of Cheer

The 99 Bottles of Cheer Labyrinth @ The Amused MuseDay 99: April 9
In The Year of Living Honestly
In The Quarter of: Education
In The Month of: Amusement

On this 99th day of the year, it seemed only natural to amuse ourselves with 99 bottles of cheer. Changing the tune of how we can celebrate life with natural cheer instead of falling into the inebriated unclear. Imagine 750ml of good feeling cheer ingested into blood stream and air supply circulating throughout the body and brain and the great uplift that can occur as a result over the hangover of deluded happiness. The 99th day can spark the end of a decade and an end to a century and a walk in review of the cheer that has been spread by us or for our existence can go a long way in being honest about what we truly create in the world in what we do by how we are.

99 Bottles of Cheer is inspired by our opportunity to perhaps live 99 years and imagine what it is that we leave behind each year in the way of positive results that evolve the best parts of who we are. At the heart of every human is the desire to expand who we are and to leave a legacy that demonstrates that we loved and were loved. Let this design of amusement bring us closer to remembering our capacities and awakening the worth of our mirth to realize how functional fun can be.

On this 99th day…
Remember the cheers of your years in your walk today. Each step can provide a focus of the great cheers you have created in each year of your life.



April's Banner Year of Living Honestly 2018April’s Focus

Let this month unfurl your creativity, spontaneity and jocularity. It feels good to feel good and while we have been conditioned to shush our good times, let the labyrinth be our own private creation station of amusement, enjoyment and playful experiments. This month educate with amusement and see how much farther you get. Have fun and be creative.  We have three opportunities to education your potential with amusement this month that involves either your personal walk, your ability to design and how much you can learn by sharing. On your Mark, Get Set…Go!

  1. Innovate – Walk Amused
    In the 30 days that grace this month, play with the way you personally experience the labyrinth. Let this season of education be one of personal bests and enjoy finding a new way to be innovative, creative, inspired and amused in your personal experiences. I’d love to see what you come up with!
    Please share your wonderful experiences! 

2. Create – Design Inspired 
To date I have created 95 different labyrinth creations and designs since the beginning of the year, let that inspire you to create something new this month that is inspiring and firing for your imagination. Einstein said that playing with ideas was the highest form of research and this is an education for all of us.  As you walk in new ways, share your designs as I have done with mine last year and this. Perfection isn’t what we are after, amusement is! I look forward to seeing what you come up with! I will toss out lots of inspiring ideas… stay tuned daily.
Share away and become a glad designer instead of a mad one!  

3. Relate – Share with Care
One of the best ways to learn anything is having to teach or explain it to someone else. Whether you facilitate others, teach or simply share with a few, spend the month discovering amusing new ways to help others get more out of their walk with a lighter attitude and a more earnest enjoyment in what you share. Anything you want to know more about, share and this month share with a fun flair and notice how much more you actually begin to understand. You just might find a side of yourself forgotten. To receive all that, be a great giver.
Share what you discover! 

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Human Proportion

Day 88: March 29
In The Year of Living Honestly
In The Quarter of: Awareness
In The Month of: Discover

Human ProportionsThe physical body hosts a variety of spirals as we have noted in this look into our greater possibilities with spiraling significance. The Golden Ratio or Golden Mean is present in the proportions of the body, based on an average typical individual. For instance we can measure the distance of our facial width and length and find the Golden Mean at play or measure the distance between our naval to our toes and relate it to our complete height to realize the value of Leonardo Fibonacci’s number series, where each number equates to the sum of the next two preceding numbers. The Golden Ratio will always arrive at 1.618 and when we begin to see how our very human structure represents this, we might marvel at the spiral that we are and how we walk upon a spiral in the labyrinth.

Thinking to draw out the different systems of the body to explore the spirals in each and the same with the organs, muscles and tissues, and keeping in mind the skeletal system,  it seemed grand, though might well become and endless walk of discovery. Opting instead for the symbol of Davinci’s Vitruvian Man in today’s spiraling design, the symbolism might best truly reflect our expansive expanding nature.

A suggestion to walk with:

On this 88th day…
Consider how many body systems you might become aware of today as you walk, and notice the proportions that equate themselves to your whole experience.



March’s Focus

As it is now the third month of the year and our last month of growing awareness before we delve into the ways of education, allow this month be one that creates both the light hearted discovery and profound realization. How can you create more awareness with the labyrinth personally or in the ways you share with others? Where do you notice a spiral effect that takes you to the point or away from it? Be on the lookout for the spiraling nature this month.

  1. Realize
    In the 31 Days this month offers, become aware of the daily realizations that you create and discover. Walking daily creates compound interest in what you look forward to and discover each day. Let March become your month of expanded capacity as you walk to make each day and adventure in exploration of what more you can explore. Seek to spiral into new and inspiring realization and whether it is rich and profound or light hearted and amusing… be open, walk with intention and you are bound to come away larger.

2. Surprise
One can realize and find much in the depth of understanding that awareness offers us, though when we look forward to realization of that depth and awareness, it can inspire new ways of appreciation and discovery in both our  process and capabilities as we are constantly growing, no matter what age. Invite the element of  surprise into what you realize as it can lift what you discover into seeing a bit more than before.  Notice the spiral effect of how you move from realize to surprise and make discovery more significant and true.

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Blessed Nourishment

TLS 365 Experience #189
September 5, 2017

The idea of food labyrinths are always wonderful to share the opportunity to both give and receive. In many ways it is a gift for those who hunger in many important ways around the world.

We begin by bringing our blessings from a worldly focus to a regional hemisphere, continent, nation, state and local community before we begin. We include all who give and those who receive and the food that has been brought for others to nouish the body, mind and soul.  We have people bring canned or packaged goods, though one year we also have hosted a fresh food campaign and made giving baskets that were delivered to specific groups and families.

As each considers their own hunger and satisfaction, they enter the labyrinth with their food items and place them along the borders and then continue on their walk. In the center is a place to leave a card or write one as a blessing and also a basket of blessings from our last walk to take away in a recylced fashion. In what they take away, the message is enacted through prayer, song, chant, affirmation or mantra in the return walk. In this way the food and the people are blessed in the giving of self and service and also receiving in the walk of community for community.

Our bounty of blessed food is collected and distributed to the local designation serving to doubly gift the individuals with this infused good feeling food and the manner of donation in which it came.

Today’s Experience submitted by:
J. Kaufman, Labyrinth Designer and Facilitator

The TLS 365 Experience: A Cycle of Giving & Receiving

1. Give
Share your own “Experience” and add to the wisdom:

2. Receive
Read/Bookmark/Apply the Daily Experience:

The cycle of giving and receiving is a cycle of caring and sharing of our wisdom and appreciation

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Walk of Irony

TLS 365 Experience #143
July 21, 2017

When I am walking a labyrinth there is an irony occurring as my body is moving and yet my mind appears to have stopped moving. There is a permission for the mind in every step to relax, recede and release any sense of needing to know where we are going. It is especially apparent on the inward walk, though where the inward walk seems an involuntary release, the external walk in reflection is more voluntary.

Today’s Experience submitted by:
W. Reff,  Labyrinth Facilitator

The TLS 365 Experience: A Cycle of Giving & Receiving

1. Give
Share your own “Experience” and add to the wisdom:

2. Receive
Read/Bookmark/Apply the Daily Experience:

The cycle of giving and receiving is a cycle of caring and sharing of our wisdom and appreciation

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