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The Walk within the Walk

Day 191  July 10
In The Year of Living Honestly
In The Quarter of: Application
In The Month of: Exploration & Return

The stone and dried grass circular labyrinth image on the Camino de Compostela in Spain

Labyrinth on the Camino de Santiago at the Cruceiro or top of the hill between Atapuerca, and Burgos in Spain. Photo Credits: The Madill Camino

There are many roads that lead to Santiago and many paths to join with others in the pilgrimage of the Camino de Compostela de Santiago in Northern Spain. This famous walk is rich in history and dates back to Pre Christian periods where it was used as a Roman trade route. The first pilgrimage occurred during the 9th century and since that time it has been used for sacred purposes to fitness and endurance feats. All who walk are met in service by Spaniards who are helpful hosts of the Camino wishing the Pelligrinos or Pilgrims, Buen Camino (a good walk).  One identifies themselves with the shell of the camino worn on clothing or backpack.

Having walked the Camino from just beyond the Pyrenees Mountains in the forest beyond the Spanish border with France in Roncesvalles.  The Camino begins with a Pilgrim’s mass and in the trek of 500 miles to the Compostela de Santiago where the bones of St. James are believed to be buried in the Cathedral of Santiago, the walk traverses the four regions of Spain moving through a variety of terrains, cities and breath giving landscapes. Pilgrims like myself can have their Camino passports stamped by various points that create a keepsake, but it is in the steps taken and what is journeyed that is of true remembrance.

The rectangular Green Hedge Labyrinth of Camillas in Belvis Park

One of three identical labyrinths of Camelia Hedges in Belvis Park just beyond where the Camino de Santiago de Compostela ends. Photo Credits: Costa Vella

The stone labyrinth at the top of the page is located just beyond Atapuerca and before Burgos at the very top of a hill. The first time I walked the Camino my first discovery was of a small labyrinth embedded in the wall of a small Pilgrims hospital that measured about a foot in diameter that was a true delight to happen upon. Small garden labyrinths could be found by those who ventured off the trail a bit and many larger ones are also discoveries waiting on the Northern trail. There is now an interesting trail like labyrinth in Pamplona and one also in nearby Yamaguchi Park. Carvings found in Ponte Verda and also petraglyphs found farther on in the caves of Galicia can make this a walk within a walk. It is not unusual for people to walk the Camino in different ways over different periods of time. On my second trip to Spain, a joyful discovery of a trio of labyrinths found in Belvis Park near the Cathedral of Santiago de Compastela!  They are identical and measure about 4,000 square meters and delightfully are made of camellia hedges.  A true walk of the senses and an experience to enjoy.  Pictured below are the trio and above the singular camellia hedge design of a singular labyrinth.

Image of the three identical labyrinths in Belvis park

The trio Walk of Belivs Park Labyrinths

In the beginning, my walk was simply about discovery and along the way the discoveries developed meaning. For those who travel the Camino over several visits or those who make pilgrimage a continuous experience, there is always something new around the next corner and when looking for labyrinths in ancient lands, one is sure to find more than expected. Buen Camino

On this 191st day…
Explore the idea of pilgrimage today and observe the way your path steps up to meet you bringing gifts for your journey and from it.


Interactive Map Progress
A great Interactive experience this month will include a google map to track where we have been and what labyrinths you submit. Lets see if we can make a labyrinth pathway out of the month of travels based on the locations offered.  We began in Portland, Oregon…. Click here to watch the progress grow this month!


World Wide Explorations in the Month of July 2018 for the TLS 365 Experience. Part II
Welcome July!

Our exploration this month is to Walk in reflection of our direction. We traveled from America’s west coast to Australia, Asia and the Swedish Lapland’s and found our centered point in Austria by the month’s end. July will complete our world walk and return us to American shores. It’s been a wild and wooly time of exploration in the world to expand our cultural and connective perspective of the labyrinths and their purposes worldwide. This is indeed the global course in Labyrinthing with world wondering discovered in our wandering.
This month, we return from our center in Austria and traverse the world.

  1. Go Global….Explore the World
    Investigate the world wonders of labyrinth design that are unique and different. From the permanent structures that are built to the canvas portable unique designs or the finger labyrinths that inspire a different walk, share the images at the 365 Experience on the TLS website and provide some detail and share your thoughts. Note how these designs are  outside the box of traditional design and how they might take us outside the design we’ve been living in.  They can be quite diverse or small simple adjustments that make it different too. From Austria to Portland… the second half begins!
  2. Grow Local…. Bring the World to you
    Let your walks, programs, designs, creations and simple enthusiasm be inspired by what the world offers us with fresh ways to create new experiences in the 30 days of this month. If it is doing something different each day, walking a new labyrinth, designing, researching or some new way to share, do it then share it with us! By becoming acquainted with the unique labyrinths of the world, we can be inspired as to why they are different, how they serve and what they offer on the same path we walk on in our home or local community area. What will you have created by the end of our month?
  3. Join the online  Mid Month Dialogues Call on Friday July 15th at 2pmPST
    Be curious, research and share what you know of unique world labyrinths in the first half of the month and apply something that you find unique to your own life walk. Join us on the Mid Month Dialogues to share what you discovered, ask questions and hear from others about what they explored and discovered. Be inspired with an insight to complete the month with and make June a true world Journey.  Call connection Information
  4. Share your Ideas, images, designs and become apart of the wisdom of the Labyrinth Society
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