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Between Motivation and Inspiration

Day 343  December 9
In The Year of Honest Living
In The Quarter of: Contribution
In The Month of: Honest Gifts

Segment Two: Inspiration
Days 341-346

Between Motivation and Inspiration

Image of five pointed star designed for Day 343The external force that drives us to action, is moved by something outside of ourselves. It can be positive in nature or negative, though either way, it moves us into action so the result is one that keeps us from being stuck or indecisive. It’s what we call motivation, moved by an external force. 

Consequently, our internal force is called inspiration, moving us to action from an internal source. We become the internal motivation for a higher cause. We can also be inspired by other sources, when they tap something within us to activate as if a reminder.  The key of inspiration, is that it is always with our input, ideas and engagement, we do not have to be instructed and it is not force, it is flow.

A little of each is a good thing, as we do not navigate this world alone. Learning about our choices, personal desires and passions and greater gifts for purpose is shaped by what motivates us and activates our inner fire. To know what fuels our fire is to know the nature of our motivations and inspirations.  

Walking in review of Novembers week of Appreciation that began on Day 319, each day spelled out the letters of appreciation of what walked in to raise what walked out. It was a genuine motivation and inspiration cycle that took place each day of the week to know ourselves and what are abilities gravitate to in honest appreciation. 

Daily Insights of this 343rd day…
Walk in as motivated by an external appreciation and out inspired by your internal communication. 

December’s Focus

Image of the December 2018 Banner

Refresh, Renewal and Redesigns of Your Year

31 daily walks. ideas, topics and considerations for personal appreciation to professional sharing will be focused in this month utilizing six five-star labyrinths and a summary day to encompass what the magnitude of what has been discovered this year and bring it forward as gifts realized in the ways we gave to ourselves and others and received for ourselves and others. Following the five pointed star labyrinth this month in five points:

  1. Follow along Daily or as often as you can
  2. Consider what you have created or developed this year in regard to honest abilities
  3. Reflect on the five day segment focuses throughout the month with those abilities
  4. Review, journal, create or develop your own reflection in a daily experience
  5. Share your experience and add to the Daily Wisdom of the 365 Experience

Review the Gifts in Five Day Segments:

    • Giving to ourselves as well as what we give to others is a reminder of what we do possess in gifts, capacity, ability, skills, and talent that bring us fulfillment. The first five days will focus on what has been developed in this year and what it gave.
    • Inspiration in the inner motivation we possess, the focus of looking back at our discoveries to notice over the next five days about what inspired our capabilities into actionable realizations will be a great topic to select meaningful moments this year.
    • Fortitude in the courage, resilience and mettle that have risen this year when in consideration of the ways we understand, use, and apply the labyrinth and relate it to ourselves either personally or professionally, the next five days will be reflective.
    • Talent is something everyone possesses, discovering natural gifts using the labyrinth in a variety of ways reveals depth of talent to reconsider and perhaps discover something new over the following five days.
    • Skill is learned, developed, and practiced through desire and the more we can apply it in various ways, the more we comprehend with new levels of learning. The last five days will be an opportunity to renew, remember and redesign skills.

Consider the weekly and daily focus presented this month in review and rediscover through the many ways you have used or ideas below that you can use the labyrinth with:

• Personal Walk
• Group Walk, Program, Workshop, Education, etc.
• Designs, Artwork, illustrations, photos of labyrinth you walked, etc.
• Building concepts, tips, techniques, design ideas, etc.
• Personal Development, Guidance, Growth orientation, etc
• Writing, poetry, creations, installations, etc.
• Learn something new about yourself, others or the labyrinth this month.



Image of Mid Month Dialogue ReminderJoin the -NEXT -Mid Month Dialogues
December 15th

Be curious, join the conversation and share your experiences of the first two weeks in the month of thanks and appreciative gratitude.

Join us on the Mid Month Dialogues to share what you have discovered in the first half of the month, ask questions and hear from others about what they explored and discovered. Be inspired with a greater appreciation of what may bring morel insight into the second half of the month with a labyrinth connection and a greater perspective in our year of living honestly.

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Polka Dot Possibilities

Day 245  September 2
In The Year of Living Honestly
In The Quarter of: Application
In The Month of: Labyrinth Expressions

IMAGE OF classical labyrinth with polka dots
Every time I take a turn, it is a new opportunity and a possibility.

Using the most basic style of labyrinth, I added color to my possibilities.
I like to experience life a little lighter and see more opportunities in my experiences, so polka dots seem to be a lively and light hearted reminder to turn into something more purposeful.


Because in life, I love to play with possibilities and the labyrinth is a constant provider.

The Amused Muse


Daily Insights : On this 244th day…
How do you take the turns in life? How many do you notice, even in your walk? What are the possibilities that present themselves?

September’s Focus

image of the theme for September, Labyrinth Expressions

Time Frame:

Introduction: September 1
–>Week One: Personal Internal Expression: September 2-8
Week Two: Projected External Expression: September 9-15
Week Three: Passionate Inspired Expression: September 16-22
Week Four: Purpose Soul Expression: September 23- 29
Conclusion and Review: September 30

What to do:

Make a Labrinth Expression ->  Take a picture of it ->  Title it and add a description ->  Send it to share it

  1. Begin with your favorite designs of the labyrinth or create your own.
  2. Add something to it like color, elements and/or different aspects to make them stand out and fit the week’s description in a way that you can relate to.
    Reshape, add or subtract elements of the design to make it fit what you want it to say.
  3. Enjoy discerning your expression. Make it fitting, honest and accurate in how it describes your experiences.
  4. Title it, add your artistic name and your location so we can see a world expression of the labyrinth taking shape.
  5.  Share your designs with a simple description to interpret your expression for posting on this site.

If you need Suggestions to help you find a weekly Expression, check our suggestion page.

Simple Reminders for your Labyrinth Expression

• You can add one design over all, or four designs, one for each week. Send images or photos and description
• It can be an opportunity or a challenge for you.
• There is no right and wrong, only honest expression.
• Don’t wait for perfection, act on impulse and feeling, that is where our expression comes.
• Notice every time that you give of yourself, you become larger.
• Do this alone or do this with others…. be creative!
• We are not asking for personal names, only your creative cultivated name, so the world won’t know it is you; it will know your expression however.
• If you have questions, do leave your email to connect.

The Mid Month Dialogues
Join the Mid Month Dialogues
Saturday September 15th

Be curious, research and share what you know of unique United States labyrinths, the people, the programs, the designs, the resources or simply the desires in the first half of the month and apply something that you find unique to your own life walk.

Join us on the Mid Month Dialogues to share what you discovered, ask questions and hear from others about what they explored and discovered. Be inspired with a greater appreciation of what unites us with more impactful insight that brings our labyrinth connection in line with greater perspective in our year of living honestly.

 Call connection Information

 Share your Ideas, images, designs and add to the wisdom of the Labyrinth Society

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Truth Told

Day 11: January 11
In The Year of Living Honestly
In The Quarter of: Awareness
In The Month of: Definition

With many thoughts going around in the circles of my mind today, decisions, complications and choices are with me in a short and succinct finger walk of the labyrinth today. Somewhere there is a quote that speaks to the reason we have time, so that everything doesn’t happen at once. Though personally, it is really testing the boundaries of that thought today.  Even in this small and quick moment of circles and turns, the relevance turns to the word personally.  Meaning that it is all about my perception. As I land in the center of all things in my walk, I land in the center of small things made larger with perception.

This is the beauty and honesty of the labyrinth in action, the reality of the moment is swept into a revealing truth. Tapping my finger in contemplative beat in the center place, I vow to define the steps for truth and clarity of just what’s important and relative. In the walk of reflection what was is no longer and what is becomes stronger, simpler and true. There is still choices and decisions, though complication has been replaced with an order that accomplishes more with less.

A suggestion to walk with:

When does the moment of honesty arrive?

TLS 365 Experience 2018: The Year of Living Honestly
Whether it’s a daily walk, teaching others, sharing an experience, expressions of art, building or design, we explore the questions of what brings us to honesty in our use of the labyrinth. 

In a world of emerging truth, the labyrinth is a great experience to discover more of what is right and true about ourselves and humanity. Join us in sharing the honest moments it reveals.

Daily unfolding the process:
So far we have a daily blog and an unscheduled mid month podcast to explore the monthly focus. Share this week at:

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The Things We Carry

TLS 365 Experience #273
November 28, 2017

Playing games for realizing potential and understanding life, I took an exercise and applied it to the labyrinth at a conference. I asked each to bring all the things they came into the course with including coats, purses, laptops, notepads, books, bags, drinks, food, etc. Some had much to carry and some had a few had very little.

They began their walk with the things they carry and at any point, they were encouraged to put down what they did not want to carry any longer on the labyrinth.  Anything left on the labyrinth was fair game for another to pick up on their walk. Our only objective was to not leave anything on the labyrinth. As they completed their walks, each brought their new/old belongings to a circle and each created a story with the items they had in their possession around a given topic.

It was a fun and amusing experience as was the retrieval of possessions afterward. The conversation that followed led to some greater realizations about the things we carry, choices, and the creativity in spontaneity.

Today’s Experience submitted by:
LAT, Playing with Life, Labyrinth Facilitator

The TLS 365 Experience: A Cycle of Giving & Receiving

1. Give
Share your own “Experience” and add to the wisdom:

2. Receive
Read/Bookmark/Apply the Daily Experience:

The cycle of giving and receiving is a cycle of caring and sharing of our wisdom and appreciation

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There Can Be Joy

TLS 365 Experience #77
May 16, 2017

One would think that an individual who promotes positivity and possibility in their work would be surrounded by it, though the truth is that those who work with this often encounter negativity regularly. It is a necessary part to explore, accept and improve our message.  We remind those who accept stress as a normalcy that there are techniques and choices to explore what we are truly capable of, should we dare to live differently.

I use the labyrinth for my personal introspection, faith and the conversation of hope for my everyday experiences. In this I am not alone and am reminded of the vitality and importance of my work. It reminds me of what I truly believe when I have doubt in the dealings of delivery to others who just need a reminder.

When I offer a walk of joy on the labyrinth, it speaks to the truth of my own doubts and reminders and offers the choice for living our birthright purposefully. It is not a straight shot, rather it is a winding, turning, spiraling that may seem confusing, though beyond that always has a path that provides a way to the center, and no matter what we want to make up about it… the center is always a center.

Today’s Experience submitted by:
AT, Enthusiastic Labyrinth Facilitator

The TLS 365 Experience: A Cycle of Giving & Receiving

1. Receive
Read/Bookmark/Apply the Daily Experience:

2. Give
Share your own “Experience” and add to the wisdom:

The cycle of giving and receiving is a cycle of caring and sharing of our wisdom and appreciation

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