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Walking With The Body

TLS 365 Experience #83
May 22, 2017

I walk a lot.
I like to walk.
When I am on a long walk in nature it is a fabulous thing to be reminded of how natural we truly are. There is a sense of naturalness that I relate to as I walk the labyrinth.

As I move inward in a spiraling way and recognize the shifts in the turn that occur on my journey inward, I recogize the natural way our body flows. The brain and the belly each wind themselves inward to a central location, though along the way there are these turns that seem to take slighly different directions, only to return again moving inward. The fingerprints navigate in the same manner as does the fine circuitry of our inner ears, though looking at the design in our outer ear makes for wonder as well.

When we look more closely at the body design, there is much to indicate that it’s natural operation is very labyrinth in nature. So when I do place my foot upon the path to begin a walk and focus on the whole of my body, I find that everything about me is alert to the steps I take in a most natural way.

Today’s Experience submitted by:
Ann T., Life Talker, Labyrinth Walker

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