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Illumination Time

TLS 365 Experience #103
June 11, 2017

It’s quite when I walk.

In the dark of the moon, I like to appreciate the silence and stillness. It is as if I am the only movement. The steady light of the moon illuminates the labyrinth just enough to lay out the path before me and my eyes adjust to the rest. It is a time to savor and often I walk barefoot just to feel all that is natural.

From the activity of my day, all falls away and I am just in the moment with the labyrinth, speaking to it with my footsteps and listening in response with the whole of my body. I become the walk and hear my day more clearly and all to often,  just the moment at hand and find it very comforting and very much, enough.

Today’s Experience submitted:
IM, Labyrinth Enthusiast

The TLS 365 Experience: A Cycle of Giving & Receiving

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The cycle of giving and receiving is a cycle of caring and sharing of our wisdom and appreciation

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