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Just One More Step

TLS 365 Experience #275
November 30, 2017

Advice from long ago when I thought I was finished or had enough of something, was to take one more step. Thoughts of not being good enough surfaced at times and perfection at other times, though its larger message was much deeper than my small thoughts of the time.  Sorting out a problem one day, the labyrinth offered the opportunity to get up and away from the issue and clear the mind.

The peace of the walk was interrupted by thoughts that took me back to earlier days and the message of taking one more step surfaced. Remembering I was on a walk of peace and clarity, I began to release thoughts from my mind in order to have the clarity to focus on the problem at hand. As thoughts continued to surface, determination became the focus to continue the walk. The more thoughts arose, the more I walked until I stopped in the center and sat down to listen. Finally achieving the quiet and calm, I relaxed and felt peaceful again and soon after rose to complete the walk in the return steps. In those steps a realization of how determination was what drove the next step. Determination was indeed the answer to the problem at hand and taking one more step had helped to understand this.

A ¬†greater understanding revealed itself however and in taking one more step showed a perspective that would not have been seen had I not. That further step provided a wonderful moment to evaluate efforts and really understand satisfaction. It also offered a curiosity; what if when I had the problem, I just took the next step and considered what the solution might be… what might I have truly realized in the walk of solution?


Today’s Experience submitted by:
R. Harris, Labyrinth Enthusiast
South Carolina

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