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Journey to the Center of Truth

TLS 365 Experience #269
November 24, 2017

Either too busy, tired, pain, distracted or having a variety of items pop up to take off course what I think I cannot do, the labyrinth has taught a different perspective. Years ago when thoughts were surrounded by lack in my life, the labyrinth brought abundance as it showed what was there.

When a spouse departed, the feeling of isolation and aloneness led to long walks and again to the path of paths. On the labyrinth, I was again reminded of what I had in friends, family, acquaintances, and with love of purpose, people and of life; I was never alone.

At a time when meeting failure with failure seemed to have become a trend, I sketched and in those drawings came the shape of the labyrinth that always held truth that was always available. The reality of failure was in the finding of another way.

The labyrinth design is one to remind, rediscover and reacquaint ourselves with ourselves to discover our energy source at the center of it all, our truth.

Today’s Experience submitted by:
CRT, Designer, Labyrinth Facilitator

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