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TLS 365 Experience #165
Aug. 12, 2017

Having traveled the breadth and width of Illinois years ago on my own labyrinth tour, I discovered there were about eight labyrinths built by Boy Scouts who were each independently earning the highest distinction award of Eagle Scout by building a community labyrinth.  It surprised me that there weren’t any built by Girl Scouts here or that any had endeavored to develop this for their Gold Award. Though in understanding that their aren’t as many High School girls that stay in scouting as boys, it made more sense.

The Girl Scout labyrinth Project Illinois 2013So, years later when approached by a small group of Girl Scouts who were in eighth grade and High School, I was delighted to mentor them for a year before we actually built the labyrinth for our community.  It was an honor to help them understand how they might personally use it and where it could serve a community.

We held many sessions to learn and appreciate more about the value they were considering offering. While not for their Gold Award, they did receive a badge award for their dedication and service. As they became more familiar, they began searching location options, drawing community interest, securing materials and considering design and purpose. As they planned and prepared they drew in support and assistance and discovered requirements and ideas for what to do once implemented.

The building took only a well planned week to plot, dig, surface, lay materials and develop and in all, members of the community were on hand to service and support the project throughout cheering the girls efforts from start to finish. Happy to be a part, it was great to see community come forth to accept, appreciate and support the labyrinth and the young ladies who learned much about service in the process.


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Lynda Tourloukis, Labyrinth Designer, Facilitator, Coach

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