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An Appealing Labyrinth

Day 110: April 20
In The Year of Living Honestly
In The Quarter of: Education
In The Month of: Amusement

A labyrinth of bananasThe banana is an amusing fruit as it has a natural smile built right in. It’s handy packaging makes it portable and potable in the easy nutrition category. Today we were given  bananas for a snack and in working with youth, they were given a creative fun challenge in developing the many things the banana might represent. As bananas grow in groups called a hand, each banana is actually a finger and when you consider a labyrinth of bananas, you really can call it a finger labyrinth.

The banana’s natural curvature makes for a labyrinth just by laying them end to end and reversing the pattern as well for an inner spiral. Though when considering the great information regarding the healthy benefits bananas offer us, so it’s playable potency is only a small portion of what the banana provides us with.  One might say its fruit with appeal and a finger labyrinth that is appealing.


On this 110th day…
Peel back a few layers of reality today in your walk today to discover the essential appeal of what lays within.



April's Banner Year of Living Honestly 2018April’s Focus

Let this month unfurl your creativity, spontaneity and jocularity. It feels good to feel good and while we have been conditioned to shush our good times, let the labyrinth be our own private creation station of amusement, enjoyment and playful experiments. This month educate with amusement and see how much farther you get. Have fun and be creative.  We have three opportunities to education your potential with amusement this month that involves either your personal walk, your ability to design and how much you can learn by sharing. On your Mark, Get Set…Go!

  1. Innovate – Walk Amused
    In the 30 days that grace this month, play with the way you personally experience the labyrinth. Let this season of education be one of personal bests and enjoy finding a new way to be innovative, creative, inspired and amused in your personal experiences. I’d love to see what you come up with!
    Please share your wonderful experiences! 

2. Create – Design Inspired 
To date I have created 95 different labyrinth creations and designs since the beginning of the year, let that inspire you to create something new this month that is inspiring and firing for your imagination. Einstein said that playing with ideas was the highest form of research and this is an education for all of us.  As you walk in new ways, share your designs as I have done with mine last year and this. Perfection isn’t what we are after, amusement is! I look forward to seeing what you come up with! I will toss out lots of inspiring ideas… stay tuned daily.
Share away and become a glad designer instead of a mad one!  

3. Relate – Share with Care
One of the best ways to learn anything is having to teach or explain it to someone else. Whether you facilitate others, teach or simply share with a few, spend the month discovering amusing new ways to help others get more out of their walk with a lighter attitude and a more earnest enjoyment in what you share. Anything you want to know more about, share and this month share with a fun flair and notice how much more you actually begin to understand. You just might find a side of yourself forgotten. To receive all that, be a great giver.
Share what you discover! 

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Handy Signs

Day 78: March 19
In The Year of Living Honestly
In The Quarter of: Awareness
In The Month of: Discover

Day78_HandySignsIn our month of spirals to realize and surprise our honest living of possible possibilities, the spiral invites us to realize in its simple curvature, the value of its innate pure structure. Mathematically equivalent, it takes us on a journey of appreciating the grandure of the great complexities in the realms of universal infinity and simultaneously appreciating what is found within the palm of our hand. Our fingers are structured within the realms of the fibonacci sequence as the lengths of the finger bones graduate in size by approximately 1.618 measuring each difference by the numbers 2,3,5 and 8 which rationalizes the Fibonacci series. You can realize this when you make a fist as it is not a circle, but a spiral that develops. Realize the golden mean ratio by tucking your first finger into your palm.

If you were to trace a path from the outer edge of your palm opposite your thumb beginning along the heart line that is the topmost prominent line formation across your hand and continue traversing back along the head line. For those with a fate line you could move up and down coming back to the life line that naturally arcs inward to the opposite side of your hand toward the thumb. You might notice a natural labyrinth of traversing opportunity right in the realm of one of the most essential parts of your anatomy, your hand. We often don’t have to look far beyond ourselves to discover that we have pretty much what we need.


A suggestion to walk with:

On this 78th day…
Finger walk the lines of your palm and then finger walk a paper or portable labyrinth to discover interesting relevance.


March’s Focus

As it is now the third month of the year and our last month of growing awareness before we delve into the ways of education, allow this month be one that creates both the light hearted discovery and profound realization. How can you create more awareness with the labyrinth personally or in the ways you share with others? Where do you notice a spiral effect that takes you to the point or away from it? Be on the lookout for the spiraling nature this month.

  1. Realize
    In the 31 Days this month offers, become aware of the daily realizations that you create and discover. Walking daily creates compound interest in what you look forward to and discover each day. Let March become your month of expanded capacity as you walk to make each day and adventure in exploration of what more you can explore. Seek to spiral into new and inspiring realization and whether it is rich and profound or light hearted and amusing… be open, walk with intention and you are bound to come away larger.

2. Surprise
One can realize and find much in the depth of understanding that awareness offers us, though when we look forward to realization of that depth and awareness, it can inspire new ways of appreciation and discovery in both our  process and capabilities as we are constantly growing, no matter what age. Invite the element of  surprise into what you realize as it can lift what you discover into seeing a bit more than before.  Notice the spiral effect of how you move from realize to surprise and make discovery more significant and true.

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