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Grandma’s Walk

TLS 365 Experience #107
June 15, 2017

Yellow Rose Labyrinth for Grandma's 99th BirthdayToday is Grandma’s birthday.

She would have been 99 years old and while she wouldn’t have liked the old part, the 99 years would have impressed her.

I walked on this day with Grandma, mindful of yellow roses and a sweet feeling that she seemed to share without even knowing it. At first I felt alone, though soon knew she was there walking along side me, smiling. She holds my hand and my heart and while I seem to wonder about her and miss her at other times, today I know today she is my heart and mind.

I just wanted to walk and honor what she meant to me and somehow what was heavy on my heart infused unexpected emotion in the winding of the paths.  With Grandma in mind, the sudden comfort and outpouring of love was like a blanket that held me in the moment. Somehow it came and passed quickly, and curiously helped me see the next step in many ways.

I wanted to walk for her, and she ended up walking for me. Isn’t that just like a Grandma!  I think when we remember, honor and love, loved ones are always with us to give something and open to receive what we offer.

Today’s Experience submitted:
Juanita L, Labyrinth Facilitator

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