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Heart Lights the Labyrinth

Light the Heart of Hope Labyrinth

Made originally with wax candle cups, this labyrinth of heart was designed with Haiti in mind. What better gift to give than shaping the heart to be used for the purpose of healing and hope.

At this website with poems and prayers, you can see the design without being lit and it is still impressive.

While I look for the interesting hearts in community, globally and in my own life, what I notice that shows up in my own walk is something similar and synergistic in message or mode.

This labyrinth design pictured is as impressive with the lights on or off and that was what I heard in my walk… no matter what it is all on the path as it is.  A good reminder of acceptance and a lot less futility there is when I heed the message.

Today whether you are in the light or in the dark, your heart will surely know what to do with it, trust that and follow where you are led.


Simple words ,






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The Heartbeat of the Labyrinth

The focus of the heart continues…

Heart Labyrinth

The Heart Labyrinth at Ghost Ranch

Everyone has a unique appreciation of the labyrinth and a version of the story to tell. As we walk in this year, with this focus on this day, the heart will guide us. Listening to the heartbeat of the labyrinth is much like stilling ourselves to hear our own heart and purpose.

What is the pulse, pace or purpose of the flow within and how, why or where will we come into alignment with it? The labyrinth offers us diverse opportunities to listen.

Today I came across the Heart Labyrinth of the Ghost Ranch in New Mexico.We featured an image of it in our Monthly Newsletter for February’s Heart Focus.


John Phillip Newell directs a short video that captures the spirit of the Heart Labyrinth at Ghost Ranch in image and shares a timely message about listening. Listening to the Heartbeat of the Labyrinth.

May we all be reminded to listen with spirit,




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