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Perspectives at your fingertips

Perspective at your fingertipsSeptember brings us into the fall season in a peaceful and easy process. It isn’t until the end of the month that we begin to feel the change of seasons, though we know it is looming. Ever since we were children, the end of the school season was marked at Memorial day and the beginning was marked at Labor Day in September. It doesn’t matter that we are long away from the school setting for most, it still holds a time to begin anew and be reminded of the end of our carefree days of summer.

It tends to breed the possibilities of new beginnings, of new chances and a way to take on the fall as if it were the start of our calendar year. Every month offers that possibility and as this month begins, where will we put our best foot forward as if all were waiting for us to simply begin?

The labyrinth allows us to say goodbye as well as hello. Perhaps we want to begin our month by saying goodbye and appreciating something we once had. Others want to forge ahead onto the path looking at what lies before us while still others prefer to pave the path themselves, creating each step with a new whim of personal decision.

Let September bring forth the perspectives, possibilities and promises that we wish to walk into each day with. Ask questions of this month and listen deeply for the answers. Share your gains with others and¬†intently take a roll in each part of the path you encounter… as if each place held a different point of view or purpose.

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