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Hive Celebrations

Day 131: May 11
In The Year of Living Honestly
In The Quarter of: Education
In The Month of: Celebration

A honeycomb labyrinthThe beehive represents community and in communities there are parts that come together to make up the whole. Bees work together to create a harvest and like all communities that pull together there are times of celebration to commemorate special occasions, honor customs or provide ritual.  Bees are essential for our survival because they pollinate up to 1/3 of the world’s food supply, that’s typically one meal a day.  In their small way, the humble bumble bee and the multitude of varieties that make up the world’s bee population exist and produce simply because it is a function of community. It sends an important message about the small steps we take each day in pursuit of a purpose, goal or dream.

Finding six nests in the low hanging rafters that border the side of the house a year ago, I waited till the season had passed before removing them and offering them to a local beekeeper. Today, they are back perhaps to remind of the importance of our role in community. By removing select honeycombed pockets, the gooey wonders of a walk with honey brings a sweet celebration of the steps in this day.


On this 131st day…
Consider your contributions to the many communities you belong to today in your walk and how significant your participation is.


The Month of Celebration, Appreciation and Realization
May’s Focus: Celebration

Life is a celebration to explore in the next 31 days. With the idea of walking the labyrinth and its tri-focus on releasing, receiving and reflecting, let’s shift the perspective to one that walks in with appreciation, finds the honest realization from each day and walks out in celebration.  Observe what 31 days of this focus might reflect and how it elevates our life condition.

Four focus points to expand your celebration of this month’s experience:

  1. Share your ideas, in your personal experiences, how you share the labyrinth with others, art, design or method of construction or in other ways that it may be utilized. Let others know about this daily experience and opportunity by sharing it. Find us on this blog and on the Labyrinth Societies Facebook page
  2. Join our Mid Month Dialogues on May 15th at 2pm CST for a lively look at what you have created and will create in the idea of celebration. This month’s theme was a direct result of our last month’s Mid Month Dialogue!
  3. Participate in the daily opportunity of this educational focus of  your personal journey, how you lead, teach or share with others, and what you create for contribution or purpose with this theme.
  4. Remember that our theme is about finding our greater capacities, abilities and true realities in being honest with our potential. We focus on what we can do as it is inherently more useful and productive.


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