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The Question of How

Day 2

January 2, 2019
Month of Beginnings
Quarter of Consciousness
Let’s Walk the World, a focus of contribution

  1. For Today’s Walk:
    How do you begin a labyrinth, is it the same for all or are there different ways and different days?
  2. For Today’s  Experience: 
    How is the ways you begin the labyrinth similar to the way you begin anything. Consider your personal experiences, professional events, labyrinth offerings. 
  3. Share Today:   Share your message
    When we collectively offer the ways to begin, someone sees a new idea, thought or experience to enjoy. Today, share images, art, ideas, designs, tips, facilitations, building strategies, ideas from your book, poems, teachings, etc.

Today’s Experience:

How ?
The question of how is one that can be confusing as there are infinite ways to answer the how. How to begin? For me, it is a different experience fitting the particular labyrinth. If it is a design, I might use beads or a device I created to separate the circuits and openings. I might draw it out on paper or lay it out in rope. I also might just use whatever happens to be handy. I also might sculpt or paint an image too. With a background in technology and design, software programs aid the drawing of lines, circles and shapes of creation too.

If it is a walk, it might depend upon what type of walk. With a finger walk, getting comfortable to be loose and experience is a must. If it is a physical walk, sometimes just walking in and letting the experience occur is important and sometimes some consideration of a question arises. What is common in all, is that there is always a beginning to everyday, so there is always a labyrinth walk to participate in some how, some where at some point in the day.

Shared by:
Lynda Tourloukis
TLS 365 Experience Coordinator

Image by: Lynda Tourloukis

January 2019 banner image
January: A Month of Beginnings

With a focus on sharing this month and the ways we set up our plans to the actual way we place our first step, beginnings can offer us a way to realize our outcomes.

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Ides of February

Day 46: February 15
In The Year of Living Honestly
In The Quarter of: Awareness
In The Month of: Love

Today is the walk of reflection of what the month has defined in the growing identity and honesty of who we are and what we are purposefully here to do.  It is again, the Ides of the month and a time that marks our half way point through this month of love.  Where the first two weeks bring a suggestion and walks to consider that suggestion in each day, the second half of the month takes what we discover, realize and appreciate and brings the dimension of reflection and purpose to a broader perspective.

We might think of this month as the first half of walking into the experience and the second half of walking out of the experience. How much more aware and evolved do we become when we have had the first half to consider? I’ve often heard that children have second half growth spurts in their annual aging as if the first half of their year was studying, reflecting and contemplating the world and the second half was diving in and exploring what their awareness could be.  Where the concept of discovery and honesty is both simple and deeply profound, appreciate what you do discover and discard anything that isn’t about your growth and discovery.


Here are a few prompts to consider in mid month reflection:

How has what is right and working shown up in your walk?
What is more true today than it was when you began?
What greater appreciation of your walk and yourself do you have?
What has changed in your attitude since the beginning of the year?
What has changed in your life since the beginning of the year?

Always feel free to join in with your thoughts, sharing and offerings that bring more wisdom to this experience.   Correspondence:



A suggestion to walk with:

On this 46th day…
What is your definition of love?


February’s Focus

As it is the second month of the year, enjoy two opportunities… discovery and realization.

  1. Discover your Love capacity:
    This month’s 28 days will focus on how we are loving the moments we are creating. Learning to be “in love” with our focus, it expands who we are beyond the partnered relational aspects and into the focus of loving what we offer the world, who we are in community, relating at a higher level to everything and everyone; and most significantly,  elevating the relationship we have with ourselves. Prepare for a wonderful experience of exercising the power of love with the freedom of honesty to realize a greater look at possibilities and potential n a delightful way. Discover how capable you are!

2. Realize synchronous evidence:
Inspired by the variety of heart shaped labyrinths, this month capture your experiences with images of the heart. Be on the look out for where the synchronicity of the moments where your heart is in focus and then look around to see where you can find the shape of a heart in symbol. Your awareness will expand and you just might be surprised to find that when we look with an open heart, we can find it in reference near by. It does require a bit of imagination, though the findings are wonderfully worth it. Share all the heart shaped labyrinth images you find with images, links or comments and I will be happy to post the images and moments.
Care to Share and Share to Care!



TLS 365 Experience 2018: The Year of Living Honestly
Whether it’s a daily walk, teaching others, sharing an experience, expressions of art, building or design, we explore the questions of what brings us to honesty in our use of the labyrinth. 

In a world of emerging truth, the labyrinth is a great experience to discover more of what is right and true about ourselves and humanity. Join us in sharing the honest moments it reveals.


Daily unfolding the process:
Next Mid Month 365 Experience Gathering on February 15th at Noon (EST)  to explore the monthly focus. Share your posts from your walks and experiences with our theme this week at:


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A Path of Change

TLS 365 Experience #226
October 12, 2017

The leaves are changing and change is always a great topic for the labyrinth as it is something that is constant and flowing yet so hard to accept for what it brings. We offered an all campus walk and made it all about how each sees and comprehends change on the inward walk, how each invites it or resists it and the results in the center and what change each would like to make on the exit walk as a result of their experience.

We left a writing board up for people to write out their ideas and make their personal declarations for the calendar year at school. It opened up doors and avenues for our administrative boards to get behind the idea of what individuals were seeking and a place for us to engage our entire campus on one platform with individual directions. Throughout the year we will keep tabs on the progress, create events to support those ideas and keep it an open running dialogue in our classes.

Today’s Experience submitted by:
K. Ralston, Educator, Labyrinth Facilitator

The TLS 365 Experience: A Cycle of Giving & Receiving

1. Give
Share your own “Experience” and add to the wisdom:

2. Receive
Read/Bookmark/Apply the Daily Experience:

The cycle of giving and receiving is a cycle of caring and sharing of our wisdom and appreciation

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