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The Ides of March…beware?

CautionLabyrinth_LYL.pngMid March has a bit of an edge to it with Shakespeare’s famous quote warning Julius Caesar of impending doom. It’s message reminds us of his actual death in 44 B.C. and the circumstances of betrayal and politics that led to his demise. That was approximately 2,058 years ago and the world is still cautioning us to beware. Coming across an online article, the message spelled out other disasters of the March Ides, including the demise of the Ed Sullivan Show in 1971… oh dear!

It brings to mind a question of fear and the labyrinth. Fear is quite present in society in a variety of shapes and sizes and when you look at the global picture, to feel safe is a hope for many. The idea of fear is largely of the unknown. We make wrong what we don’t understand and when we can shine a light on that, we seem to take away a lot of fearful supposition.

The question of how it relates to the labyrinth can be of the things we walk to shine the light on or of the things we can’t shine the light on so easily. The labyrinth can give comfort in our own abilities at a time when we can’t see them. It can unravel the fear step by step and let us examine and appreciate a different path’s perspective. Of the larger things in life that create fear, we can also use the labyrinth in prayerful purpose to bring ease and flow to a situation that seems locked down and unsure.

Those who walk regularly know of the benefits that the labyrinth can unwind. Sadly those naive may have different ideas. The simple act of sharing the benefits can invite a skeptic to explore and be a great introduction to where they are found and how they are used purposefully and practically. It is a reminder that fear can be a great way to introduce a solution. On this day of Ides, may you allow a walk with caution to open the doors and opportunities to care and share a little to make a lot of difference somewhere.

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The Ides of our March

TimeLabyrinthThe Ides of any month is indeed in the middle, settling typically on the 15th. The story of Julius Caesar in 44 BC  that makes us “Beware the Ides” for March, comes from Shakespeare’s soothsayer foretelling doom for Caesar.

The calendar of Caesar’s time was much different as it was numbered backwards using three points in the calendar for date association. The Nones were either the 5th or 7th day, the Ides were the 13th or 15th, and the Kalends were the first of the following month. It can create an appreciation for the simple way we have to look at time and its relative importance in our busy days.

Somehow it is very relevant when we impose time on the labyrinth. In this image I superimposed an older clock onto the paths of the labyrinth and as it is a lunar calendar in some respects the idea of time and space are very synchronous on the labyrinth.

Today in my labyrinth, I noted times of significance based on the rotation of the clock and the assigned hours where I most felt notice. On a larger scale it related  to the months of the year. It was a very telling walk, illuminated with many time related factors and in mid month, a great reminder to stop and take a look at what I have created for March so far and what I still have time to make it into.

Enjoy your own Ides awareness and may time be in step with your desires,


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