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Day in the Life of a Labyrinth

In the art of walking differently, how many trace their daily steps?


A Day in the Life Labyrinthically

On this day of curiosity, I did. I found I did a tremendous amount of walking and while you can count your steps with a pedometer, it is not often that you track where you go and how you get there.

Without tracing the little necessities in my steps, I kept a noted tab on the directions I found myself walking today and soon I was tracking as I found myself in a labyrinthic journey.


I noted when I walked down the hall to grab something from another room, which direction I headed when organizing, going to work, going back and forth with clients, heading out to share a program, lunch, running errands, meeting a friend for coffee, stopping to make phone calls, and a general track of my day.

It is interesting to note the larger patterns and when we are wearing the tread of a particular problem or the groove of routine too thin. I do recall one day I would have liked to have tracked my day as I bet it would have ended up in a big question mark.

Go where there is no path and pave one… discover a different way to walk and a way you walk that isn’t so different and mesh the two for a wonderful new awareness of you on your daily life path.

It only looks like I have all the fun… stay curious my friends,



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