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The Labyrinth Teaches

TLS 365 Experience # 33
April 2, 2017

Inspirations have usually been in the form of guidance or direction around a particular question that I’ve taken into the labyrinth – such as, should I do or not do a particular thing.

I’ve occasionally had a flash of inspiration about a smart way to do something that I might be planning, or a reminder / pointer to do something that I might forget that might otherwise not cross my mind.

Overall, these seem to relate to a state of being more fully mindful that I might usually be in my day-to-day dreamy state!


Today’s Experience Submitted by:
Clive Johnson, Reverend
Essex, UK

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Day Seven… Home is closer than you think

Play along in December, any 12 days or just make it last all month. Today’s post moves beyond the simple preparations into the action of the game itself. Read The Game and How to Play in the link below to follow along. Then send along comments of your experience. 
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On the seventh day of Labyrinths… the messages and metaphors were walking close with me.

I wanted a simple experience to unlock something I was mulling around in my head, so I pulled out one of the 15 finger labyrinths I had brought with me on this trip out west. It was one of the two that used to hang on the wall in my home and at the time it didn’t seem all that significant.

FullSizeRender-2It was dark and late and I couldn’t sleep, so I just sat with the night, the feelings and soon picked up the labyrinth. I decided to take it  into the bed thinking I might fall asleep afterwards. I didn’t want lights so just put my finger in the first groove and began moving into the walk. My finger held the edge of the groove in a way that pressed intensely and the movement didn’t seem to glide as easily as it might otherwise.

Noticing but not really considering any significance in the moment, I was suddenly a bit confused, until I realized I had found the center. I sat in the dark realizing that I really had made the experience hard by concentrating on making it happen instead of the typical allowing flow. All year I had been quite intentional about the difference between what was pushing and what flowed naturally as a result I find myself in the space of flow more automatically.

Today had been a strange day where much had seemed out of balance, and not surprisingly something in my mind couldn’t quite sort itself out too. Just like what I was doing with this walk, pressing the point where I knew how much easier it was to simply stop and allow. Indeed it was a day to listen well.

2014-10-14 14.57.17I sat for awhile with half a laugh in my head just wondering what this message and the metaphor might be preparing me for. It’s often like that, confusing messages tweaked just enough so there isn’t a pattern I might recognize. What I do realize is that the bigger the confusion, the bigger the message that comes. Then suddenly as I pondered the bigger question, the answer to the smaller question of the day popped into my head. Very funny!

Listening for the greater message of the strangeness of the day, though it seemed to have a mind of its own, I put the labyrinth aside, knowing it would come when ready and opting for the sleep that finally called to occupy the meantime.


MusicalRaptureIn the morning I woke early, rested and feeling curious.  I meditated with the sheets a bit and then realized the labyrinth was still on the bed, so pulled it over. I thought I might add some music so pulled out the iPad and the idea to look up Patricia Coate Robles, Musical Rapter, a healing gift for humanity beckoned.


A knowing mindfulness was present instantly as something of importance to me and meditation was the product and the skill. My fingers danced to the vibration of the celestial sounds. They fairly skimmed along the grooves of the path and the easy glide and flow  was notably contrary to the evening’s experience.

KidsI began to think of my children back at home. I have traveled much this year and even though they are grown and live independently, this has been a transitional year for them as well. My mind brought attention to each and in the meditative walk, they had their independent paths, yet like the labyrinth in whole they were a collective.

The feeling of home and the many homes I have had this year as a result of all the travel. It seems I have stayed for two months in many places and in each there was an element of home. It is a question as I am currently unknown where I will make a more permanent home yet, it seems to early to make this decision as the feeling of travel still calls.

Day7The bigger question for me, is what do I call home? I seem to be taking it with me wherever I go. I pulled out a sheet of pictures my kids had made me for Mothers Day one year, they made copies just in case I might need to distribute them to others affectionately. I placed the pictures with the labyrinth and walked again, flowing with the music.

For now the simplicity of knowing what makes a home and what I put into it is enough. I carry it in my heart. The permanent structure isn’t necessary just now, as I find myself in the calling of releasing attachments for a more unique and significant purpose. It isn’t for everyone, though in this moment it is for me.

The labyrinth that I walked today was one of a set of two in my old home. While the home is gone, the partner to this labyrinth has been repurposed gracefully as is the partner that used to sit beside me. All in harmony and all gratefully appreciating the journey that has been, preparing in a new way for the journey that is and the one that will be.

Today’s message brought me closer to home than I have been in awhile, in touch with my kids introspectively and mindful of the practice that allows me to flow and grow with purpose. 

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