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Day 327  November 23
In The Year of Honest Living
In The Quarter of: Contribution
In The Month of: Grateful Pathways

Week Four: Counting Your Blessings

Exploring the elements of thanks, gratefulness, and appreciation may have elevated and expanded understanding of gratitude. It is understood in the cognitive sense, experientially impressed in the body, emotionally directive and soulfully affirmed. The fourth element of gratitude is found in the blessings it creates. 

As all experiences have beginnings and endings, blessings  are found in both, yet stem from our interaction of being aware, explored or applied. Blessings are always available, though it takes our participation to realize the prize that awaits our request. One path at a time, we open blessings. This week gratitude opens from the blessings we count.

Blessings Labyrinth Path 1


The First Blessing: Beyond

In the walk of the labyrinth we begin and end and begin again. From the first step in to the turns that are frequent, there is a place we move into as we move out of one turn and into another. The same holds true for the center space of the labyrinth. We step in and we go beyond. 

What takes us beyond is the curious mystery of what lays between spaces, after and before. In each a blessing is tucked away in between the access and egress. Blessings are everywhere, though with a walk of the labyrinth, there is an intention to discover through movements which become a continual action of into and out of. With each navigation we chance to open what lays within and what invites us beyond. 


Daily Insights : On the first path of Appreciation in this 327th day…
Walk the blessing of going beyond the spaces, places and races from here to there, counting the blessings that appear in your walk.

November’s Focus

Banner Image of Grateful Pathways for November 365 Experiences

Week Four Focus: Blessings

In discovering the elements of gratitude, thanks is an expression we use to communicate our sense of what we hold gratitude for. Explore the ways Appreciation is felt this week on the labyrinth in daily walks, group facilitation, program creation, offerings, artwork, illustration and design, building canvas or permanent designs, books written or poetry created. However you find thanks as the path, on the path or of the path you are on… how is it expressed?

    • Personal: consider the ways of your own personal adventures and use.
    • Associations: contemplate the ways of use with friends, family, and relationships or other acquaintances.
    • Environs: realize the community uses, organizations, landscapes encountered.
    • Global: imagine the ways that what you do reaches others in the world environs.

Share and become part of history and her story…

Consider the topic with the ways you currently use the labyrinth for self or sharing with others:

• Personal Walk
• Group Walk, Program, Workshop, Education, etc.
• Designs, Artwork, illustrations, photos of labyrinth you walked, etc.
• Building concepts, tips, techniques, design ideas, etc.
• Personal Development, Guidance, Growth orientation, etc
• Writing, poetry, creations, installations, etc.
• Learn something new about yourself, others or the labyrinth this month.



Mid Month Dialogues November 15thJoin the -NEXT -Mid Month Dialogues
December 15th

Be curious, join the conversation and share your experiences of the first two weeks in the month of thanks and appreciative gratitude.

Join us on the Mid Month Dialogues to share what you have discovered in the first half of the month, ask questions and hear from others about what they explored and discovered. Be inspired with a greater appreciation of what may bring morel insight into the second half of the month with a labyrinth connection and a greater perspective in our year of living honestly.

 Call connection Information

Share your Ideas, images, designs and add to the wisdom of the Labyrinth Society

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