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Shaping your Path

Day 141: May 21
In The Year of Living Honestly
In The Quarter of: Education
In The Month of: Celebration

Three shapes of one pathIn a group of women yesterday, the dialogue following the walk included many of the trials and lessons that individuals were currently in process with. There was a sense of needing to fix the situation, as if the place they were in had no value. Between the over analysis and the curious expectancy of the group, I gave each a piece of paper and asked them to draw a shape that represented their circumstance and then asked them to walk again taking in consideration the shape they had chosen. After the walk, interesting dialogue came about in the way of what was balanced, what cycled and found its end a new beginning and taking notice of different angles and perspectives. Focusing on the shapes seemed to bring out the characteristics of their situation and an interesting matching characteristic of the shapes. This awareness provided an opportunity to see differently and discover that the blessing of the problem with a greater focus on solution.

For a change of perspective to what works, what’s good and what is right; celebrating the walk with acceptance of the shape you are in can make a difference in your steps and in your outcome. This design came to mind afterwards illustrating that point and remind us in our walk that moving through what we think is a problem can often show us the answer. The shapes are different colors to highlight their features and in walking through, it might at first seem confusing to step over into another shape or color, though staying on the one path will take you past confusion and into clarity.

On this 141st day…
Choose a shape to go along with a question and discover what shape you are in by following your path to conclusion and focusing on the characteristics of what you can appreciate.

The Month of Celebration, Appreciation and Realization

May’s Focus: Celebration

Life is a celebration to explore in the next 31 days. With the idea of walking the labyrinth and its tri-focus on releasing, receiving and reflecting, let’s shift the perspective to one that walks in with appreciation, finds the honest realization from each day and walks out in celebration.  Observe what 31 days of this focus might reflect and how it elevates our life condition.

Four focus points to expand your celebration of this month’s experience:

  1. Share your ideas, in your personal experiences, how you share the labyrinth with others, art, design or method of construction or in other ways that it may be utilized. Let others know about this daily experience and opportunity by sharing it. Find us on this blog and on the Labyrinth Societies Facebook page
  2. Join our Mid Month Dialogues on May 15th at 2pm CST for a lively look at what you have created and will create in the idea of celebration. This month’s theme was a direct result of our last month’s Mid Month Dialogue!
  3. Participate in the daily opportunity of this educational focus of  your personal journey, how you lead, teach or share with others, and what you create for contribution or purpose with this theme.
  4. Remember that our theme is about finding our greater capacities, abilities and true realities in being honest with our potential. We focus on what we can do as it is inherently more useful and productive.
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Packing Parables

Day 109: April 19
In The Year of Living Honestly
In The Quarter of: Education
In The Month of: Amusement

A labyrinth of packed boxesHelping others to move is always an interesting mix of stories that come together. As my daughter prepared to move and condense her space, the memories that moved in and out of the boxes in the passage of packing were full of the elements of growing, knowing and ho ho ho-ing. Each box put together represented another story and chapter in the life of a family as seen through the eyes of one member’s perspective. Helping out the past few weeks, the people that came together to assist were full of more reminiscence and the experiences shared were usually moments of awe or guffaw.  It’s amazing what can muster when saddled with the responsibility of our stuff and how we move it and move with it.

I thought making a labyrinth out of her boxes would be a fun diversion, though she had other plans so it came together in the 102 boxes counted that made up a life time of living. Amusing as it was to be a part of the packing process, there is something to consider in the 102 boxes that seem to account for an individual’s life. Having made my own journey of packing and moving several times over, what moved with became less and less and less over time. In this education of life, it is sometimes the stuff that trips us up in the honesty of living.

It occurred to us that if we simply redistributed our stuff, the stories that we enjoyed with it went along to others and if we were to take in what we require in the way of redistribution, we could be richer for the story that comes with it too. The next to occupy her former space will be met with left over laughter, joyous appreciation and a feeling of comfort and that is a story worth passing on.

On this 109th day…
Reflect on what you pass on today and the story contained within it, how enjoyable was it and how may it be useful to another?



April's Banner Year of Living Honestly 2018April’s Focus

Let this month unfurl your creativity, spontaneity and jocularity. It feels good to feel good and while we have been conditioned to shush our good times, let the labyrinth be our own private creation station of amusement, enjoyment and playful experiments. This month educate with amusement and see how much farther you get. Have fun and be creative.  We have three opportunities to education your potential with amusement this month that involves either your personal walk, your ability to design and how much you can learn by sharing. On your Mark, Get Set…Go!

  1. Innovate – Walk Amused
    In the 30 days that grace this month, play with the way you personally experience the labyrinth. Let this season of education be one of personal bests and enjoy finding a new way to be innovative, creative, inspired and amused in your personal experiences. I’d love to see what you come up with!
    Please share your wonderful experiences! 

2. Create – Design Inspired 
To date I have created 95 different labyrinth creations and designs since the beginning of the year, let that inspire you to create something new this month that is inspiring and firing for your imagination. Einstein said that playing with ideas was the highest form of research and this is an education for all of us.  As you walk in new ways, share your designs as I have done with mine last year and this. Perfection isn’t what we are after, amusement is! I look forward to seeing what you come up with! I will toss out lots of inspiring ideas… stay tuned daily.
Share away and become a glad designer instead of a mad one!  

3. Relate – Share with Care
One of the best ways to learn anything is having to teach or explain it to someone else. Whether you facilitate others, teach or simply share with a few, spend the month discovering amusing new ways to help others get more out of their walk with a lighter attitude and a more earnest enjoyment in what you share. Anything you want to know more about, share and this month share with a fun flair and notice how much more you actually begin to understand. You just might find a side of yourself forgotten. To receive all that, be a great giver.
Share what you discover! 

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Walk of Irony

TLS 365 Experience #143
July 21, 2017

When I am walking a labyrinth there is an irony occurring as my body is moving and yet my mind appears to have stopped moving. There is a permission for the mind in every step to relax, recede and release any sense of needing to know where we are going. It is especially apparent on the inward walk, though where the inward walk seems an involuntary release, the external walk in reflection is more voluntary.

Today’s Experience submitted by:
W. Reff,  Labyrinth Facilitator

The TLS 365 Experience: A Cycle of Giving & Receiving

1. Give
Share your own “Experience” and add to the wisdom:

2. Receive
Read/Bookmark/Apply the Daily Experience:

The cycle of giving and receiving is a cycle of caring and sharing of our wisdom and appreciation

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