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A Fool’s Labyrinth

TLS 365 Experience #32
April 1, 2017

The April Fool's Labyrinth

April Fool’s Day and a reminder of the Great National Humor month upon us. Where a sense of humor isn’t automatically granted, we might appreciate building more of one this month in the passages of the labyrinth.

It is often quite amusing to see ourselves in the metaphor in which we arrive and when we give ourselves permission to chuckle, we appreciate a healthier sense of ourselves.

To fool is to play and to play cleverly and contribute rather than detract is our education.

Welcome to the second season of the Labyrinth and the theme of Education for the TLS 365 Experience.




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Labyrinth Humorist

The TLS 365 Experience:  A Cycle of Giving & Receiving

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The cycle of giving and receiving is a cycle of caring and sharing of our wisdom and appreciation

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April Fool’s Reflection

April heralds many things including the practical joke. The legend of April Fool’s origination might be considered back in 1392 in the Canterbury tales by Chaucer. He quotes a date of March “thritty two”, which would translate to March 32nd or our April 1st.   Or it might come from the new Gregorian calendar initiated by the Pope in 1582, where many ignored the new calendar and continued to celebrate the New Year’s on April 1st instead of January 1st as we do currently.


A design I created for National Humor Month

There are many ideas as to how we began this tradition of pulling a fast one in the name of fun and some of them have been quite amusing, the left handed whopper being a favorite or when Big Ben went digital. Behind it all is a little sport and fun and when the jokes are harmless, the fun is found more heartedly.

April is National Humor Month and so fitting when we have our US Tax day situated squarely at mid month… beware the Ides of April!

Let this be the month you pull a fast one on yourself, shift your walk to embrace something new, fun or just different than normal. Walk backwards to see where you’ve been, dance periodically down a path or two or start at a different point than the beginning. Let this be a month of getting out of routine.

Frequent a little fun and put some frolic in your step or add a little whimsy or light heartedness to your design if you are a creator. Enjoy 30 days of new creation in whatever way you walk, skip or sashay on your path in a metaphor of mirth.  This month, of the 12 words of the year focus, regards reflection… see your reflection in the walk and if it has become a little too serious, let this month represent a little of your light hearted nature.

Skip… and see where it takes you.



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The April Fool’s Labyrinth…No Kidding!

JestersLabyrinth_WbkgToday one will do well with a sense of humor. It is after all National Humor Month and anyone that would seriously put tax day in the same month as April Fool’s Day does have a sense of humor.

Humor is a wonderful tool for coping and when we can combine it with the tool that is the labyrinth, there is a meditative coping or an exploratory mirth consciousness. As Humor is a function of the mental cognitive mind, it is usually thought of in the terms of joking and good-natured revelry. Laughter will be your emotional response and your body, mind and soul will appreciate you all the more for enjoying yourself with it.

Today walking the path, breathe in and enjoy the start of bringing on the levity in the daily walk.  Remember when you used a little good natured ribbing to get you through or how you’ve grown your personality with a little humor and walk the labyrinth as a humor being. You may be aMazEd how enjoyable the walk becomes.

Of course as April Fool’s Day reminds us to let go and joke around with pranks and situation that catch us off guard, I could be kidding about all of this now.
Fun and fortune for you that I am not.  Though maybe you might… The legend of the labyrinth as retold humorously by you!

Laughing Along singing my song…No Kidding,


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