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The Things We Carry

TLS 365 Experience #273
November 28, 2017

Playing games for realizing potential and understanding life, I took an exercise and applied it to the labyrinth at a conference. I asked each to bring all the things they came into the course with including coats, purses, laptops, notepads, books, bags, drinks, food, etc. Some had much to carry and some had a few had very little.

They began their walk with the things they carry and at any point, they were encouraged to put down what they did not want to carry any longer on the labyrinth.  Anything left on the labyrinth was fair game for another to pick up on their walk. Our only objective was to not leave anything on the labyrinth. As they completed their walks, each brought their new/old belongings to a circle and each created a story with the items they had in their possession around a given topic.

It was a fun and amusing experience as was the retrieval of possessions afterward. The conversation that followed led to some greater realizations about the things we carry, choices, and the creativity in spontaneity.

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