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Earth Integrity

Day 24: January 24
In The Year of Living Honestly
In The Quarter of: Awareness
In The Month of: Definition

To hear the story of creation from Jeffrey Bale is to hear an honest man’s endeavor for truth. Sharing the story of the creation of the Islandwood Labyrinth in Washington State,  Jeffrey shared the respect for nature honoring each stone for its significance and placement in the thousands he instilled into the heartfelt crafting of his design. Honoring where each element came from and thankful for their participation in the humble beauty of his art, it gave participants a deep regard for the single placement of their feet upon the pathways.

The sheer quantity of stone and story that poured into this design will remain a historical element of unassuming  wealth borne of the artistry of one man’s relationship with the integrity of nature’s gifts. Its natural abundance comes in the humility of its design and its modest residence nestled just off the roadway trailing down a very short distance to discover a serenity in seclusion amidst the lineage of tall trees.

One does not often encounter such a deep and abiding honor of an encounter with Earth and art in this way. It’s memory will live long and its meaning will live into a higher regard in the way of development and creation for myself and most likely those fortunate enough to have experienced the venerable honesty of this artist’s message and mission.

A suggestion to walk with:

Focus upon where and how you use your Earth this day.



TLS 365 Experience 2018: The Year of Living Honestly
Whether it’s a daily walk, teaching others, sharing an experience, expressions of art, building or design, we explore the questions of what brings us to honesty in our use of the labyrinth. 

In a world of emerging truth, the labyrinth is a great experience to discover more of what is right and true about ourselves and humanity. Join us in sharing the honest moments it reveals.


Daily unfolding the process:
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