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Day 68: March 9
In The Year of Living Honestly
In The Quarter of: Awareness
In The Month of: Discover

Finding the day busier than expected, time for reflection moved later and later into the day. Finally, a chance to stop and refresh presented itself and while waiting in between, the colorful straws on the shelf  in a glass cylinder made for a quick design with fun in mind. While many intense moments can be wonderful in the education and application of a meaningful experience, the moments to step away and rejuvenate body and mind can be profound in importance and production.  Even with wonderful intensity, moving away from the magnetizing spiral of consumption benefits more with a new perspective. As the focus this month moves us inward with a concentration of the motion and matter of the spiral; work, rest and play are a triad of balance in what we can get caught up in.

Designing, and tracing this labyrinth of triangular function while taking time out, the three important focal points of the day resurfaced in this design. Something as simple as bending straws became a pleasurable new direction of intention and non intention.  A triad seemed to want to express itself in the straws and as it did, it reinforced these three concepts with each fold and turn.  By the time I had reached my  last straw, what brought the three together became  purposefully clear and somewhat amusing in the minimal ease that occurred to provide this insight for the moment and for the larger project I had walked away from.

Not all spirals are circular and not all intensities need be difficult, hard or troublesome. This was intensely brilliant and in playing with straws, a number of messages arrived in a way more expansive processes might have missed. It evidences my belief in the value of play over and over again in its genius method of finding what is truly important. Playing with the labyrinth in walk, process or design seems to provide endless creativity that brings all points together. Today, there was a  triangulated triumph.


On this 68th day…
Today triangulate what is important and discover  three main points of focus and as you move in, center and move out, find a triad of truth in what it opens.


March’s Focus

As it is now the third month of the year and our last month of growing awareness before we delve into the ways of education, allow this month be one that creates both the light hearted discovery and profound realization. How can you create more awareness with the labyrinth personally or in the ways you share with others? Where do you notice a spiral effect that takes you to the point or away from it? Be on the lookout for the spiraling nature this month.

  1. Realize
    In the 31 Days this month offers, become aware of the daily realizations that you create and discover. Walking daily creates compound interest in what you look forward to and discover each day. Let March become your month of expanded capacity as you walk to make each day and adventure in exploration of what more you can explore. Seek to spiral into new and inspiring realization and whether it is rich and profound or light hearted and amusing… be open, walk with intention and you are bound to come away larger.

2. Surprise
One can realize and find much in the depth of understanding that awareness offers us, though when we look forward to realization of that depth and awareness, it can inspire new ways of appreciation and discovery in both our  process and capabilities as we are constantly growing, no matter what age. Invite the element of  surprise into what you realize as it can lift what you discover into seeing a bit more than before.  Notice the spiral effect of how you move from realize to surprise and make discovery more significant and true.

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