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All Souls Walk

TLS 365 Experience #246
November 1, 2017

A walk on the labyrinth for All Souls Day in the midstIt is the day of All Saints and Souls and post Halloween. It is a day where the veil lies thin across the universe allowing for our time of remembering to move us from the merriment into the meaningful.

As I walk the labyrinth today I am both reminded of the fun and frolic of the light hearted youthful nature the night before and the nature of spirit in the ancestors who have walked their own path. It moves the seriousness of this day into one not to fear, but revere.

Both bring an essence of spirit and as I walk with my ancestors, I am reminded of where I came and what my heritage has brought forth. I am evolved in this heritage as every generation is, walking forth with what has mattered to many before me. As I move from path to path, I call forth the different souls and saints that come to mind in prayer and affirmed gratitudes for their different kind of presence in my world.

It is a day to find the center and mark thoughts of purpose and presents for the souls of the world that walk with us past and present.

Today’s Experience submitted by:
K. Chelms,  Labyrinth Facilitator

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