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Connections to Peace

Where is your path to education, inspiration or collaboration leading this year?

Where is your path to education, inspiration or collaboration leading this year?

There are only nine more days until the Labyrinth Society connects the membership once again with the Annual Gathering. It is a wonderful opportunity to be in the walk with others, learning and growing. It is also a blessing to reconnect and remember again with friends and colleagues the values that we create with the labyrinth.

We will also connect with new acquaintances and make new friendships as we grow in the ways that others use and share the labyrinth. It is in all that connection that there is a pathway to peace as there will be many labyrinths on the grounds and in the service of education and enlightenment, the participants will engage with something of value. It is that engagement that can lead us into the embrace of what we seek or what we weren’t aware that we sought.

In that reckoning there is a peace. There is no more searching, no confusion and no resistance… we found what we sought or what our soul called for and the quite moment of satisfaction has the chance to smile upon our being with the wisdom of knowing yet another facet of our existence.

“Peace begins with a smile.”
Mother Teresa

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Labyrinth of a Smiling Heart

A Smiling Heart Path

I think all labyrinths have a smiling heart somewhere when they are designed. We don’t always see it til after the fact sometimes, though it’s there. I like to imagine that it’s there because it has purpose and if people with purpose are fulfilling contribution in this world, then without the obvious in emotionality, why not feel the embrace of the smile in every walk?

I enjoyed the whimsy in today’s walk as it’s good to find the amusement in the everyday, it helps balance the oh so serious days. This image of the “Smiling Labyrinth” reminded me of that whimsy…and ha ha with heart!  It’s that little curly cue in the center that gets me.

I wrote a book on the Smile a few years ago and recently re edited it with my daughter as the basis for the smile. She has a smile in her soul and such animation that there was no shortage of laughter and wonderful feelings in our photo shoot. I know that when I finally republish it, that this was the right path for me to follow. It had heart and love all wrapped up in the variety of smiles we created and what I essentially wrote about was the how and why of the valuable nature of the smile with some practical applications.

It is the little things like someone sending you a simple email that says “Good Morning”, and how another can hear your smile over the phone that reminds us of the simple things that make a difference.

I had a chance to create a smiling labyrinth at a conference one year and what an effect it had on the participants.  One of the walks we did was just to increase the awareness of your smile with each turn inward and then receive it from others you meet on the path as you exit.

May we all have a little smile today and receive one back…

Putting some smiles in my miles,


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