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The Notice of Nature

TLS 365 Experience #43
April 12, 2017

One of the joys of walking outdoor labyrinths is that some aspect of nature presents itself in such a way that your attention is captured and questions arise.

For example, a twig with two pine cones crossed my path, followed shortly thereafter with a single pine cone that was half-trampled. Metaphors bounced around in my head as I contemplated a difficult relationship that stymied me.

I carried the pinecones home as the prompt for serious soul-journeying where decisioning became clear and flowed easily. Were it not for the walk, would I have so effortlessly dissected the issues and clarified my perspective?

Also often, in the walk I am accompanied by birds, rabbits, ants, cats, hawks, ravens, etc., all of whom provide reminders to be here now and pay attention.


Today’s Experience submitted by:
Johanna Manasse
Labyrinth Facilitator

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