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Revealing Feeling

Day 261  September 18
In The Year of Living Honestly
In The Quarter of: Application
In The Month of: Labyrinth Expressions

Petite Chartres Design with Quote by The Amused Muse 2018

A Revealing Feeling

Going in Circles Makes the Feeling More Revealing.
Spirals and turns and circling in, how can we come out better again?


Daily Insights : On this 261st day…
In the circles you create, what makes you feel great?

September’s Focus

image of the theme for September, Labyrinth Expressions

Time Frame:

Introduction: September 1
Week One: Personal Internal Expression: September 2-8
Week Two: Projected External Expression: September 9-15
–>Week Three: Passionate Inspired Expression: September 16-22
Week Four: Purpose Soul Expression: September 23- 29
Conclusion and Review: September 30

What to do:

Make a Labrinth Expression ->  Take a picture of it ->  Title it and add a description ->  Send it to share it

  1. Begin with your favorite designs of the labyrinth or create your own.
  2. Add something to it like color, elements and/or different aspects to make them stand out and fit the week’s description in a way that you can relate to.
    Reshape, add or subtract elements of the design to make it fit what you want it to say.
  3. Enjoy discerning your expression. Make it fitting, honest and accurate in how it describes your experiences.
  4. Title it, add your artistic name and your location so we can see a world expression of the labyrinth taking shape.
  5.  Share your designs with a simple description to interpret your expression for posting on this site.

If you need Suggestions to help you find a weekly Expression, check our suggestion page.

Simple Reminders for your Labyrinth Expression

• You can add one design over all, or four designs, one for each week. Send images or photos and description
• It can be an opportunity or a challenge for you.
• There is no right and wrong, only honest expression.
• Don’t wait for perfection, act on impulse and feeling, that is where our expression comes.
• Notice every time that you give of yourself, you become larger.
• Do this alone or do this with others…. be creative!
• We are not asking for personal names, only your creative cultivated name, so the world won’t know it is you; it will know your expression however.
• If you have questions, do leave your email to connect.


Image of Mid Month Reflections Join the -NEXT -Mid Month Dialogues
Monday October 15th

Be curious, research and share what you know of unique United States labyrinths, the people, the programs, the designs, the resources or simply the desires in the first half of the month and apply something that you find unique to your own life walk.

Join us on the Mid Month Dialogues to share what you discovered, ask questions and hear from others about what they explored and discovered. Be inspired with a greater appreciation of what unites us with more impactful insight that brings our labyrinth connection in line with greater perspective in our year of living honestly.

 Call connection Information

Share your Ideas, images, designs and add to the wisdom of the Labyrinth Society

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Evolution with Expression

Day 192  July 11
In The Year of Living Honestly
In The Quarter of: Application
In The Month of: Exploration & Return

An illuminated spiral labyrinth with sprays of water shooting upward .

The Illuminated Spiral Water Labyrinth of Tarragona, Spain. Photo Credits: Touristico Info

Crossing the expanse of Spain from Santiago to near the French border is another Camino of discovery in the small town of Tarragona.

It is a touristy area with parks, beaches and attractions and it’s proximity to the south of France is influenced with expressions of Spain and France.

Located at a sea side park is the Labyrinth de Aqua, a spiraled labyrinth of water that becomes illuminated in the evenings for visual beauty and a joyous playful respite from the heat. Designed for its functionality and for its visual appeal, the labyrinth is finding its way in the world.

Five circuit rings make up a circular labyrinth with simple spaces for egress that also double as a fountain

The White five circuit water labyrinth of Marta Pan among the streets of Paris. Photo Credits Paris LaDouce

Traveling north to Paris another fountain calls attention to the work of sculpture Margaret Pan. In the 1980’s a surge of artistic restoration began in hopes of bringing a balance of spirituality to the communities of Old Paris and through a contest, Pan became the selected artist representing the simplicity of flow in water and white near Belleville district’s park area between the 11th and 19th arrondissements.

2100 meters of corrugated cardboard are massed in folds that stand approx seven feet to create a huge labyrinth of paper.

The Paper Labyrinth of Galleria Continua Les Moulins in France.  Photo Credits: Nicolas Giraud

With more appreciation for the application of the labyrinth as Art, designer Micheal Pistoletto impresses France with his artistic labyrinth rendering in 2100 meters of corrugated cardboard at the Galleria Continua Les Moulins only about an hour away from the fountain sculpture in Paris.

The labyrinth is many things to many people and in crossing the border from Spain to France and transcending the labyrinths of prehistoric carvings and glyphs to the medieval majesties into the times of our present lives, the labyrinth might be an expression of our civilizations passion and purpose. Our purpose of the month is to explore, our purpose of the year is to discover the possibilities of our truths. In the fascinating countries that bring us such rich history, we are blessed to discover there is so much more open to interpretation.


On this 192nd day…
Explore the many ways you appreciate the labyrinth in both passion and purpose from the simple drawings to the permanent structures and the programs for others to the simple walks of reflection.


Interactive Map Progress
A great Interactive experience this month will include a google map to track where we have been and what labyrinths you submit. Lets see if we can make a labyrinth pathway out of the month of travels based on the locations offered.  We began in Portland, Oregon…. Click here to watch the progress grow this month!


World Wide Explorations in the Month of July 2018 for the TLS 365 Experience. Part II
Welcome July!

Our exploration this month is to Walk in reflection of our direction. We traveled from America’s west coast to Australia, Asia and the Swedish Lapland’s and found our centered point in Austria by the month’s end. July will complete our world walk and return us to American shores. It’s been a wild and wooly time of exploration in the world to expand our cultural and connective perspective of the labyrinths and their purposes worldwide. This is indeed the global course in Labyrinthing with world wondering discovered in our wandering.
This month, we return from our center in Austria and traverse the world.

  1. Go Global….Explore the World
    Investigate the world wonders of labyrinth design that are unique and different. From the permanent structures that are built to the canvas portable unique designs or the finger labyrinths that inspire a different walk, share the images at the 365 Experience on the TLS website and provide some detail and share your thoughts. Note how these designs are  outside the box of traditional design and how they might take us outside the design we’ve been living in.  They can be quite diverse or small simple adjustments that make it different too. From Austria to Portland… the second half begins!
  2. Grow Local…. Bring the World to you
    Let your walks, programs, designs, creations and simple enthusiasm be inspired by what the world offers us with fresh ways to create new experiences in the 30 days of this month. If it is doing something different each day, walking a new labyrinth, designing, researching or some new way to share, do it then share it with us! By becoming acquainted with the unique labyrinths of the world, we can be inspired as to why they are different, how they serve and what they offer on the same path we walk on in our home or local community area. What will you have created by the end of our month?
  3. Join the online  Mid Month Dialogues Call on Friday July 15th at 2pmPST
    Be curious, research and share what you know of unique world labyrinths in the first half of the month and apply something that you find unique to your own life walk. Join us on the Mid Month Dialogues to share what you discovered, ask questions and hear from others about what they explored and discovered. Be inspired with an insight to complete the month with and make June a true world Journey.  Call connection Information
  4. Share your Ideas, images, designs and become apart of the wisdom of the Labyrinth Society
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The Inspired Uninspiring

Day 95: April 5
In The Year of Living Honestly
In The Quarter of: Education
In The Month of: Amusement

The linear labyrinth of NebraskaNebraska is the gateway between two important personal destinations. Selected for its time saving feature, the duration from one point along Interstate 80 from the Colorado border to the Iowa border is a straight point from end to end. On either side of the expressway lay open fields with an ever expansive open sky that appears to make it last forever. The state of humor might well be Nebraska as the drive from west coast to the midwest encounters the uneventful nature along this route and creates cause for imagination to occupy the monotony of what seems an endless voyage. The view from the expressway appears to be a moving picture that simply does not change for just under 400 miles.

Finding the humor in this day was discovered in finding inspiration in the uninspired surroundings. Drawing a labyrinth included the straight six hour journey, though realization of the spiral occurred in the use of the off ramps that provided a circular reference for leaving the highway to refuel, spiraling back  afterwards to resume the trip. The off ramps provided opportunities for food, sanitary necessities and stretching the body and with each, what seemed dull, suddenly had lively possibilities.  The double spiral at the top suggests a centering point before returning again…. or freedom to the other worlds of Iowa, Colorado and beyond though only temporarily as there will be a return home again.  The repeating process through the double spiral and back down the straight highway of spiraling off ramp diversions awaits when ready or time permits a brand new path elsewhere.

Making inspiration out of the uninspiring has made an amusing difference in perceptions of Nebraska.

On this 95th day…
Discover an imaginative way to walk the same path differently. Be amused by your imagination and the variety of ways you find.



April's Banner Year of Living Honestly 2018April’s Focus

Let this month unfurl your creativity, spontaneity and jocularity. It feels good to feel good and while we have been conditioned to shush our good times, let the labyrinth be our own private creation station of amusement, enjoyment and playful experiments. This month educate with amusement and see how much farther you get. Have fun and be creative.  We have three opportunities to education your potential with amusement this month that involves either your personal walk, your ability to design and how much you can learn by sharing. On your Mark, Get Set…Go!

  1. Innovate – Walk Amused
    In the 30 days that grace this month, play with the way you personally experience the labyrinth. Let this season of education be one of personal bests and enjoy finding a new way to be innovative, creative, inspired and amused in your personal experiences. I’d love to see what you come up with!
    Please share your wonderful experiences! 

2. Create – Design Inspired 
To date I have created 95 different labyrinth creations and designs since the beginning of the year, let that inspire you to create something new this month that is inspiring and firing for your imagination. Einstein said that playing with ideas was the highest form of research and this is an education for all of us.  As you walk in new ways, share your designs as I have done with mine last year and this. Perfection isn’t what we are after, amusement is! I look forward to seeing what you come up with! I will toss out lots of inspiring ideas… stay tuned daily.
Share away and become a glad designer instead of a mad one!  

3. Relate – Share with Care
One of the best ways to learn anything is having to teach or explain it to someone else. Whether you facilitate others, teach or simply share with a few, spend the month discovering amusing new ways to help others get more out of their walk with a lighter attitude and a more earnest enjoyment in what you share. Anything you want to know more about, share and this month share with a fun flair and notice how much more you actually begin to understand. You just might find a side of yourself forgotten. To receive all that, be a great giver.
Share what you discover! 

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Spring Up

Day 79: March 20
In The Year of Living Honestly
In The Quarter of: Awareness
In The Month of: Discover

Day79_SpringUp_TheAmusedMuse2018The First Day of Spring Arrives and with it a rise in what spirals into bloom, up from the Earth and into our visual awareness. Whether it is a seed or plant budding or the birth of something new, it is a time when things begin to look up. Goodbye to the winter months of hibernation and an invitation to unfurl, open and rise up into this day that marks our calendar year of Spring’s change of season.

Spirals come in many forms, found in the natural environment or the man made one, following the spiral to meet its destination is a reckoning of path with purpose. Celebrating Spring with travels made for an early morning walk in a new state, new direction, new labyrinth and new season for new ideas. Spiral into renewal.


A suggestion to walk with:

On this 79th day…
Walk in newness and with a budding birth and observe what opens for you.


March’s Focus

As it is now the third month of the year and our last month of growing awareness before we delve into the ways of education, allow this month be one that creates both the light hearted discovery and profound realization. How can you create more awareness with the labyrinth personally or in the ways you share with others? Where do you notice a spiral effect that takes you to the point or away from it? Be on the lookout for the spiraling nature this month.

  1. Realize
    In the 31 Days this month offers, become aware of the daily realizations that you create and discover. Walking daily creates compound interest in what you look forward to and discover each day. Let March become your month of expanded capacity as you walk to make each day and adventure in exploration of what more you can explore. Seek to spiral into new and inspiring realization and whether it is rich and profound or light hearted and amusing… be open, walk with intention and you are bound to come away larger.

2. Surprise
One can realize and find much in the depth of understanding that awareness offers us, though when we look forward to realization of that depth and awareness, it can inspire new ways of appreciation and discovery in both our  process and capabilities as we are constantly growing, no matter what age. Invite the element of  surprise into what you realize as it can lift what you discover into seeing a bit more than before.  Notice the spiral effect of how you move from realize to surprise and make discovery more significant and true.

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Anatomy of a Question

TLS 365 Experience #200
September 16, 2017

When I walk the labyrinth, it is often to bring up thoughts, feelings, ideas and questions that are floating around inside of me and wish an external outlet. As I take steps onto the path I am headed inward and the awareness of my body, mind and soul alignment are brought to my attention.

Sensory perception awakens constriction and location.  The more steps that traverse the path inward, the more the emergence of emotion and logic that arise, observe without intrusion. The walking body negotiates the turns and sets the pace of function and as the application of movement spirals inwards traversing the pattern of back and forth, the gentle rocking of what is unimportant loosens and releases the unnecessary in the constriction.

By the time the center has been reached in the labyrinth, the falling away of what is not relevant reveals a true question from the former constriction. The question can now more uniquely fit to evolve circumstance. Knowing a true question, makes finding the walk of the answer one of application and allowance. The walk of reverse is where the additions become the discoveries and the journey to the answer is one of purposeful and practical curiosity.

Today’s Experience submitted by:
Lida N., Labyrinth Facilitator

The TLS 365 Experience: A Cycle of Giving & Receiving

1. Give
Share your own “Experience” and add to the wisdom:

2. Receive
Read/Bookmark/Apply the Daily Experience:

The cycle of giving and receiving is a cycle of caring and sharing of our wisdom and appreciation

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The Intuitive Walks

TLS 365 Experience #78
May 17, 2017

In this quarterly focus of education, the idea of what the labyrinth offers for the intuitive nature is a life education of what we have within. The way of the path provides a walk into possibility, the moment we engage with our first step. Not always, but often a question is asked at the beginning. It is an intention for meaning of the walk, though with the relaxation that takes place in brain and body, what can come forth is an internal knowing along with an understanding that can direct us to the details that come along with that intention.

I find when I walk as a practice, I develop more of my knowing and growing intentionally and intuitively.


Today’s Experience submitted by:
ALT, Labyrinth Enthusiast

The TLS 365 Experience: A Cycle of Giving & Receiving

1. Receive
Read/Bookmark/Apply the Daily Experience:

2. Give
Share your own “Experience” and add to the wisdom:

The cycle of giving and receiving is a cycle of caring and sharing of our wisdom and appreciation

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A Walk on Earth

TLS 365 Experience #53
April 22, 2017

On this day of celebrating Earth Day, the Red Rock Canyons of Nevada encircle the circle of the labyrinth, keeping it as a refuge to those who come upon it, those who use it for days like these and those who want to commune with the natural essence of the labyrinth in a most natural setting.

It is a contemporary design with two spirals, and what is very Earth-like about this labyrinth, is that the ending and beginning points tend to shift from time to time as a result of how it is used by human kind.

A fitting labyrinth with a fitting message for Earth day about appreciation and respect for Earth’s use while we are here.

Today’s Experience submitted by:
Earth Day Festival

The TLS 365 Experience: A Cycle of Giving & Receiving

1. Receive
Read/Bookmark/Apply the Daily Experience:

2. Give
Share your own “Experience” and add to the wisdom:

The cycle of giving and receiving is a cycle of caring and sharing of our wisdom and appreciation

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