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Something Felt

TLS 365 Experience #159
Aug. 6, 2017

We had an article to write and had written many before, though today all were very stumped. Suggesting a walk on the labyrinth nearby, most decided to go and as it was a group project, it would have been nice to have all join us, though we were content with letting all have their say and find their way. Those that joined were glad to be outdoors and felt a sense of resilience in being in step with both nature and themselves.

As we began we were feeling a little free and a little goofy, though the awkwardness of the intimacy we were creating soon relaxed as everyone found their individuality and set aside any thoughts of what the other might think. We settled into our own experience and our own relationship with the slump in the collective creativity that was typically available with this group. For myself, I relaxed and stopped asking why. Instead any thoughts of force fell away and surrendered to curiosity.

What I came to consider dropped off and my focus became of my feet, my steps and the outside air. As I walked I grew in a confident knowing way to simply appreciate many things. That we took the moment to consider the group’s need, the purpose of our prose, the point of our group and the individuality and characteristics of those who came together to accomplish something similar.

The walk became about so many singular pieces that what was numb became alive and each piece seemed to find its importance in the whole. It was a walk of unification and our collective knowing seemed to show up again in everyone as we found ourselves much more communicative and creative in discussion afterwards. Accomplishment wasn’t just something we did, it was something we felt.

Today’s Experience submitted by:
Jo Stills, Student, Labyrinth Enthusiast

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