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Community Love Walk

TLS 365 Experience #274
November 29, 2017

Walk of Community, Walk of love, light, healing and blessings There was such love for our friend in the community beyond family and friends that we all discovered quickly, as people began to show up at the hospital making our private family waiting room grow so much that we had to be moved to a larger space.  We waited with many emotions present as our loved one clung to life support and as it became news, more people appeared.

As there was a labyrinth outside, a few of us decided to create a walk of prayer and hope and invited those in the waiting room to join us. We asked for all to have hope, send healing wishes and blessings with light and I have to think what it did for our friend, it also did for those who walked. They had to allow and bring it up in themselves to send it on and on this very tragic and scary day, we created community for our community member.

We are so grateful for this labyrinth that brought us together in such a purposeful and special way. It gave us a place to do something with the grief and a way to turn it around into something better for everyone. I have to think that this body of love and light of hope made all the difference as our loved one found her way back to us.

Today’s Experience submitted by:
Lyn Connelly, Labyrinth Facilitator

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