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TLS 365 Experience #156
Aug. 3, 2017

Getting a group on the labyrinth during a workshop was a wonderful way to get everyone connected.  I found a group that was just not connecting with each other in the material that was presented. As the material worked well with other groups, it was a question.

We had the thought to put everyone on the labyrinth and walk with a few questions. As they completed, we sat down for a discussion and found a very real cultural misunderstanding had occurred. Using the labyrinth helped everyone to understand the point, the process and the practical application as intended and also where the error in judgement had occurred without an issue.

If we had not thought to find a quick way to get everyone communicating in this way, we would have missed a valuable lesson into the cultural implication that had been misinterpreted. No one had a clue that this had not been part of our plan and without skipping a beat, we were back on the path of purpose and progress.

Today’s Experience submitted by:
Ann B., Engineer, Labyrinth Facilitator
New Mexico

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